Ministry Training Where You Are

Harold Camping

I’m writing this the evening of May 21. Jesus Christ didn’t have enough information to name a date for His return, and  He said “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels in heaven, but my Father only.” Mt 24:36. However, there is someone in California named...

Our Newest SBP Graduates

Congratulations to our newest graduates! Pastor Jose Saravia of the Iglesia Bautista Internacional (International Baptist Church) of Astoria, Queens, NY, gave diplomas to 6 students who have completed the three-year course in Basic Bible Doctrine. We praise the Lord for the...

Recording in Ecuador

In most schools, you will find the faculty in the classrooms that line the hallways of the educational buildings on the school’s campus. At Global Baptist Schools, our faculty can literally be found around the world, serving the Lord in local churches and ministries....