Another Generation in Mexico

Our mission is summed up by the words of II Timothy 2:2. “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

As believers, we know that our great commission is to go into all the world and make disciples. Followers. Students. We are to take the things that we have learned, and to teach them to others, who will, in turn, pass them along to yet another set of disciples.

Pastor Ernesto and Veronica Valtierra

This is ministry in action. This is the responsibility of every believer. It is the mission of every church. It is the end of all that we do as we reach others with the gospel.

The picture above is a photographic rendering of that process. These are members of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, in the suburbs of Mexico City, Mexico. Sunday they received their certificates for having completed Module 1 in our Spanish language Bible Institute program, Seminario Bautista Panamericano.

Their pastor stands on the extreme left in the image. His name is Ernesto Valtierra. Ernesto and his wife, Veronica, are SBP graduates. He is another example of man who had come to the US and, through a long series of circumstances, gave his life to the Lord. He has now returned to his homeland as a church-planting missionary. The Lord is using him there, as a fine church is being established, and people are being discipled.

Learning about SBP, 2018

Last year, GBS President Bob Reed had the privilege of being at Ebenezer Baptist Church and meeting with a group of potential students. Pastor Valtierra was ready to begin an SBP program in his church, knowing the impact that it had made in his own life.

We know, of course, that it is the work of the Holy Spirit, through the ministry of the Word of God that changes lives. Seminario Bautista Panamericano is simply a means of teaching the Word, and a channel, then, of the Spirit’s working.

Please pray for these students. Who knows which among them may, in fact, one day leave Ebenezer Baptist Church with a calling to go to some other place and continue the cycle, by making disciples.

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