Ministry Training Where You Are

The Offense of the Cross

The cross as a logo has lost its brand distinction. So many people with different and contradictory beliefs use the cross, wearing it these days or putting one on your building really specifies nothing. The Bible never envisions its use as an ornament or even as a symbol of...

Why Blog?

I’ve enjoyed writing through the years, but this is my first venture in the blog medium. I enjoy and am helped by others’ thoughts, and my hope is you and others will benefit by spending a little of your valuable time here. What are some reasons I blog?

Our Mission! Part Two: Where You Are

The Global Baptist Schools mission is Ministry Preparation Where You Are, and in this post I would like to enlarge on this statement of what really matters here at GBS. GBS is passionate about ministry preparation, but let me say we are fanatical about access! We believe in...