Welcome, again, Bob Reed!

Bob Reed
GBS Executive Director

Bob Reed is a dear friend and has served in several ways over the years at GBS. He has at one time been a board member, accountant, information technology consultant, video editor and more. This month he becomes our Executive Director, and I am delighted the Lord has called him to this larger role.

Bob brings a wealth of preparation and experience in the pastorate (both English and Spanish-speaking congregations), educational administration, international organizational management and radio and other media. Academic preparation includes a BA from Bob Jones University in Bible with additional studies in Greek and Radio/Television.

Bob and his wife Betty Ann have been married for 32 years and are the proud parents of two grown sons, Jonathan and Nathan. Their home life is a powerful endorsement of their public ministry.

Years of work and travel in Latin America impressed Bob with the challenges facing churches and pastors. His work at GBS will directly address those challenges. Please pray for Bob and all of us here at GBS.


  1. Nice. Hi Bro. Bob!

  2. Congratulations, Bob! They could not have chosen a better man for the job! God bless!

  3. Fellicitaciones!! Que Dios le dirija en cada una de las decisiones. God bless you!