Ministry Training Where You Are

Chris OwensAfter serving as a Pastor in the US and a missionary in Mexico, God burdened Chris’ heart with the need for sound, accessible Bible training in the Spanish-speaking world. That burden led to the establishment of Global Baptist Schools in 2003. Chris serves as the chairman of the board of GBS, and is involved in a variety of capacities.

Chris and Phyllis Owens live in North Carolina.

May 2012
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A Change at GBS

We are often reminded that change is about the only constant in life. As believers, of course, we know that God never changes, nor does His word and we draw great comfort from that fact. Everything else, however, changes in one way or another continually. Recent changes in my... Read More ?
Sep 2011
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Be Encouraged!

I enjoyed very good fellowship with the other speakers at a conference a while back. Glen and Debbie are veterans of eight church plants in the former Soviet Union. They are now moving to the border area of the Dominican Republic and Haiti to begin a church and orphanage. Jorge... Read More ?
Sep 2011
Someone described communication as a meeting of meanings. Mere telling isn’t communication; a bridge of mutual understanding must be built or the speaker is still speaking to himself. Jim Peterson wisely writes “The test of communication is not to be found in the words of the... Read More ?
Jun 2011
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The Right Thing

In Truth and Duty, Mary Mapes describes her great-grandparents who farmed for many years in Washington State’s fertile Skagit Valley. After Pearl Harbor, their neighbors as well as other loyal Americans of Japanese ancestry in the valley were transported to internment camps for... Read More ?
May 2011
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Harold Camping

I’m writing this the evening of May 21. Jesus Christ didn’t have enough information to name a date for His return, and  He said “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels in heaven, but my Father only.” Mt 24:36. However, there is someone in California named... Read More ?
Sep 2010
The student of Scripture frequently endures lengthy interactions with historical critical theologians as he or she reads even conservative commentaries, systematic theologies and other publications. These monologues- you can’t seriously call it dialogue since historical critics... Read More ?