What is Global Baptist Schools?

So you know that we operate a Spanish-language Bible Institute through dozens of churches across the Americas. But who, exactly, are we? What motivates us?

  1. We love the Lord Jesus Christ, and we desire to know Him better and make Him known around the globe.
  2. We are Biblical. We desire to let the Bible speak for itself through the consistent application of a normal, historical and grammatical interpretation. This approach results in doctrine that is conservative, premillennial and dispensational.
  3. We are Baptist. We recognize and appreciate positive contributions of other groups, but we find great Biblical wisdom in the historic Baptist distinctives and draw much encouragement from those believers who lived for God with a separatist testimony long before the Protestant Reformation.
  4. We are global in outlook. Communities everywhere are increasingly international and secular. The people next door literally or figuratively do not speak our language. Christian workers at every level must be prepared cross-culturally to reach them where they are or not reach them at all. As an institution, English is our second language, and the US is only one of several countries in which we work. Students benefit from a staff and faculty who represent several nationalities and many years of international service.
  5. We are concerned with whole-person learning. Successful ministry requires not only knowledge but also skills as well as attitude changes resulting in Christlike character. We strongly believe this kind of learning happens best in the context of genuine church fellowship and ministry under the leadership of a pastor. Rather than remove a student to some artificial setting, we deliver academic content to the learner in his or her place of ministry. We truly believe our mission statement: Ministry preparation where you are.
  6. We seek to give students the basic tools to begin a lifetime of independent Bible study. We are separated by time, languages, geography and worldview from the Bible. True ministry is built on understanding God’s intended meaning in Scripture, and ministry preparation must provide the tools to discover that meaning.
  7. We recognize the facts as they are: The resources do not exist to build enough residence schools to meet the global need for ministry preparation. Most God-called men and women will never have the opportunity to “go away to school.” We are therefore committed to accessibility in terms of language, cost, time and place through the thoughtful use of technology and distance education methods.
  8. We love the church. Most staff and teachers currently are pastors or church planters. We locate our Study Centers in church facilities, and they are directed locally by the pastor. Our educational model seeks to restore the place of ministry preparation to the church and authority in ministry preparation to the pastor.
  9. We need your help! Please contact GBS to learn how you can help through your prayers, gifts and volunteering. If you are a pastor, please consider allowing us to tell your church what the Lord is doing through Global Baptist Schools.