How You Can Help

Like all ministries, Global Baptist Schools is supported by the generous gifts of our praying friends. Our students, particularly in the United States pay for their materials, but we are dependent on the generosity of faithful churches and partners who make this ministry possible.  If you have considered helping GBS financially, you may be interested to know that there are several ways you can help.

Regular monthly support

A monthly gift helps us underwrite the regular, ongoing expenses of running an office, rent, paying staff, purchasing supplies, paying for utilities and all of the other things that are necessary to operate the ministry. Whether you give $10 or $100 each month, you will know that you are having an important part of a ministry that is impacting thousands of lives.


Seminario Bautista Panamericano students in the United States pay $5 a week to cover most of the cost of the preparation and shipping of the materials that they use in their studies: Course syllabus, books, videos, etc. Many of our study centers in other countries are in areas where it is simply not economically feasible for them to pay for the cost of the materials. Perhaps you could underwrite the cost of one study center. That’s right, not just one student, but all of the students who attend in one location. $300 covers the cost of all videos, text books and teaching materials for a module. Perhaps you might consider giving $75 a month for a year, to pay for an entire year’s worth of study for a class on a foreign field.


From time to time, our staff members travel to Latin America to establish study centers, train workers and teach and preach in conferences and church services. Perhaps you could help with part of the cost of a trip. Contact us for specific needs and amounts.


It seems like there is always something that we need! Video production is costly, and while we do our best to be frugal, we also want to be sure that we are producing quality materials for the benefit of our students and the glory of our Lord. In addition to video production, we depend on printers, DVD duplicators and other equipment to publish materials month after month for our study centers. Ask us about our current list of equipment needs for more specific information.

How do I start?

Contact us today if you would like to help in one of these specific ways. Of course, you can always send a contribution via check or PayPal.

Something everyone can do

We realize that not everyone can give, but you can still have a part in the work of Global Baptist Schools. Our greatest need is the power of God and every believer can pray for God’s hand to be evident at GBS. There are some specific ways that you can pray.

  • Pray that God will bless the efforts of our students. For many, their study represents a great sacrifice of time, energy and, in many cases, finances. Pray that the material they study will be understood and applied in their own lives as it is used to reach the hearts of others.
  • Pray for our Study Centers. Pray for the pastors of these churches, that they would be able to maintain the study center, year after year.
  • Pray for more Study Centers. We believe that it is important to extend the reach of the ministry even further, to other churches, other countries and – eventually – other languages.
  • Pray for wisdom. Please pray for all who are a part of the work of Global Baptist Schools, that we may be wise in conducting the ministry that God has entrusted to us.
  • Pray for our financial needs.

Thank you for taking part in the ministry of Global Baptist Schools!

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