Our Mission! Part Two: Where You Are

The Global Baptist Schools mission is Ministry Preparation Where You Are, and in this post I would like to enlarge on this statement of what really matters here at GBS.

GBS is passionate about ministry preparation, but let me say we are fanatical about access! We believe in ministry preparation WHERE YOU ARE. Three points need emphasis here. First, the resident school model is wonderful. It makes possible (but does not guarantee) very high educational quality. The library alone is a great advantage, not to mention many others. But the resident school model by itself is, from a missiological perspective, a strategy for failure. Worldwide, we are simply not producing enough educated workers, and the resources do not exist to build enough brick and mortar schools to do the job.

Second, from the individual’s perspective, I believe the majority of God-called men and women will never have an opportunity to go away to school. In particular, the older Christian with more life responsibilities is excluded from traditional educational approaches. You know the type: not a novice, has a spouse and children, is well respected in the community(1Ti 3). I love to hear our students testify of what it means to them to be able attend Bible college. I am thrilled to be a part of a fellowship of pastors, educators, supporters and others who help make it possible.

Third, I am coming to the opinion that keeping the student in a genuine church experience by making education accessible is a better approach. I think it is fair to say the quality problems distance education faces are more easily addressed than the praxis challenges a residence school encounters. Dorm life at the Christian college no doubt can help one grow spiritually, but church life is a better preparation for church ministry.

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