Shipping project

Module 2, nearly ready to be shipped to a study center.
Module 2, nearly ready to be shipped to a study center.

For most of our history, we have bought small quantities (less than 100 copies) of books and have had them shipped to us via UPS or the Postal Service. We would then ship materials to individual churches, module by module, as they needed them.

As you might imagine, shipping a parcel overseas is either (1) expensive or (2) slow. Generally, we have opted for the slower, less costly route. While that has saved us money, it has created some other difficulties. One of our ongoing tasks since the establishment of GBS has been finding the the most efficient and economical way to do deliver materials to our study centers.

With our recent growth, it’s time for us to reach for a new level of service and efficiency. We are now purchasing books in larger quantities, and shipping materials in larger volumes to “distribution centers” within various countries. While this will be less expensive in the long run, it requires a greater initial cost.

At this very moment we are awaiting the arrival of a large shipment of books, arriving via a freight carrier. Likewise, we are preparing a large shipment to be sent to Nicaragua; enough materials, in fact, to service all of our study centers there for at least the next year.

Any financial help toward this project would be greatly appreciated. In total, we need approximately $1500 to take care of these immediate needs. If 15 churches or individuals would each send $100 the need would be taken care of very quickly.

(UPDATE: Mission accomplished! Thanks to those who prayed and gave toward this project.)

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity. Should you choose to give, you can do so here, or you may send a check marked “Shipping Project.” Even if you are not able to give, please pray with us for these funds, as well as for the students who will eventually use these materials in their study of God’s Word.

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