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Global Baptist Schools is non-profit organization, supported by our students and those who share our burden for teaching the Word of God to those who desire to prepare for service who would not otherwise be able to do so.

Our students in study centers in the US pay a small amount each week that covers most of the cost of the preparation and shipping of the materials that they use in their studies: Course syllabus, books, videos, etc. Students in other countries contribute what they can, but are limited by their nations’ economies.

Apart from the actual costs of duplication, printing and text books, we face the expenses of video production, development of new materials, support staff, travel and equipment for both the office and video production areas of GBS. These costs are sustained by the gifts of generous supporters.

There are a number of churches, both English and Spanish-speaking, in the United States that faithfully support the ministry of Global Baptist Schools month after month. Pastors who are interested in scheduling a presentation of the ministry of Global Baptist Schools in their churches should contact us today.

Additionally, individuals also support the ministry of GBS. Some give regularly, some give on occasion or for specific special projects. Would you prayerfully consider joining them?

Global Baptist Schools, Inc. is a non-profit ministry, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, which means that gifts to the ministry are tax deductible. For your security, we use PayPal as a safe, secure means of donating online. If you would like to give monthly, you will find an option to set up your donation to be made automatically each month at PayPal.

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Of course, if you prefer you can send your gift to:
Global Baptist Schools
PO Box 25443
Charlotte, NC 28229

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