Current Projects

We thank God for open doors and opportunities for ministry! And we are grateful for those whom God uses to help us step through those doors and take on those opportunities. Here is a brief list of some of the needs that we are facing at this time. Perhaps the Lord would use you to help us in one of these specific ways.

Whether you would like to take on an entire project, or contribute to the overall cost of one, your gift would be greatly appreciated. If you send a check, please put the name of the project in the memo field. Or, you can give conveniently and safely online, via PayPal. Just click the donate button attached to each item.

Video Editing System

Technology changes fast and trying to keep up is an ongoing challenge. We find ourselves in need of a new video editing system. This is a computer specifically configured to handle the work of dealing with large video files, editing them into the final course material, then exporting them to the format required for DVDs. Total cost is approximately $3000.

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Global Baptist Schools, Inc. is a non-profit ministry, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, which means that gifts to the ministry are tax deductible. For your security, we use PayPal as a safe, secure means of donating online.