Ministry Training Where You Are

New Study Center in Tipitapa, Nicaragua

Meet the students of our newest SBP study center. They just began their studies last night in the town of Tipitapa, Nicaragua, located just outside the capital of Managua. These students are members of the New Birth Baptist Church and are studying under the leadership of their...

Getting Closer to Graduation in Nicaragua

Pastor Marvin Brenes (front, right) of the Jerusalem Fundamental Independent Baptist Church of Managua, Nicaragua with the SBP students of the church who have completed another module of study. Some of these students will now move on to module two, while others are ready for...

New Study Center in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Pastor Jonathan Ramirez of Guayaquil, Ecuador has announced that his church will be opening their GBS study center on Saturday, April 4. Among the 11 students will be two from an indigenous church in the area. You will notice in the picture to the right (click to enlarge it) that...