An Urgent Printing Project

“Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” So says Ecclesiastes 12:12, a verse often quoted by weary students.

Books cannot be separated from study. A serious student in any discipline will spend a great deal of time reviewing books, selecting some for purchase, borrowing others, reading, reflecting and reading again.

Even though the student of the Bible knows that God’s Word is the ultimate authority for faith and practice, he will likely find himself turning to reference books, commentaries and other aids as he prepares and shares the Word with others. Beyond that, there are countless books that encourage us in our Christian walk.

The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is no end to the making of many books. Just drop in to your neighborhood Christian bookstore and take a look at the “New Releases” section. However, sometimes there is an end to the making of a specific book. In fact, we have noticed that many excellent books – classics in some cases – are becoming harder and harder to find.

As a school, we carefully choose text books for our students to read that will aid them in their understanding of Bible doctrine, or that will strengthen them in some area of Christian practice or ministry, or that will encourage them as they serve the Lord. When one of those books disappears, it can often be difficult to replace.

Martirizado en MexicoOne book that has been required reading for all of our students since the founding of the school is Martirizado en Mexico (Martyred in Mexico), a compelling biography that displays the power of God to change lives and use men for His glory. Many of our students have told us how much this book encouraged and challenged them in their own ministries.

Unfortunately, the book is no longer in print. However, the author of the book, Valente Hernandez, has agreed to let us print a small run for our own use. Not only does this mean that we will be able to continue using the book in our study centers, it means that we will be able to acquire it at a very reasonable price. A printer in Mexico has agreed to print 2000 copies for $2.63 each. A book of this size would normally sell in a retail store for around $10. This represents a savings of thousands of dollars to the school! We are grateful to Valente for making the book available to us in this way. As you can see, he is giving up the royalty, to which he in entitled, to help us get these books into the hands of our students.

While the price is excellent, printing these books means an immediate outlay of over $5000. That is not a small sum for us. Perhaps the Lord would impress upon your heart the possibility of helping Global Baptist Schools with this project. Whether you can give $1000, $1oo or even $10, your gift would be extremely helpful at this time.

If you would like to help, we have two ways for you to do so.

1. You can mail us a check. Please put “Printing Project” in the memo field.

Global Baptist Schools
PO Box 25443
Charlotte, NC 28229

2. You can give online, using the secure services of PayPal. Just click the button below.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this need.

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