A New Birth in Nicaragua

In the first module, SBP students take a class in general Bible Introduction, the Doctrine of the Scripture and Personal Evangelism. The purpose of the Personal Evangelism course is to motivate our students to share the gospel with others and to give them some practical instruction in how to do it. A few days ago, some of them saw the results of sharing the gospel, first hand.

Here’s note we just received from the pastor of the church with a new study center in Managua, Nicaragua.

“I am writing to let you know how SBP is going in our church. Praise the Lord that on Saturday as the video on personal evangelism ended one of the the students recognized that he needed Christ as his Savior. He had made a profession of faith when he was younger but there, in front of the other students, he asked that Christ would save him and come into his heart. Praise the Lord!”

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