A Change at GBS

We are often reminded that change is about the only constant in life. As believers, of course, we know that God never changes, nor does His word and we draw great comfort from that fact. Everything else, however, changes in one way or another continually.

Recent changes in my health have moved me to make some changes in our ministry. A few days ago I sent a letter to our supporters informing them of these changes and I wanted you to know about them as well. Here is the letter that I sent.

Things are going very well with the work of Global Baptist Schools/Seminario Bautista Panamericano, and I would encourage you to follow what the Lord is doing at our website. The news is very positive with regard to the school, but my health continues to deteriorate. It is bad, and we therefore must make some changes at GBS.

I will continue to serve as chairman of our board and to give broad leadership in that capacity. I also will be available as needed for input on specific projects where I might have some needed expertise.

As far as serving as president, I believe it is the Lord’s will and time for me to step aside. I am very pleased Bob Reed, our current Executive Director, will become the second president of Global Baptist Schools. Bob has served in various capacities here over the years, and there is no one who understands so well our unique approach to ministry preparation. Bob is a genuine man of God, and we are blessed to have him serve in this new way.

May I make two observations and a request? First, Rm 8:28 is still in the Bible and God is still on His throne. It is a trial to leave a role I have enjoyed for ten years, but I accept what He sends and trust it is best for His glory, the school, our students and me.

Second, it would be a foolish arrogance on my part to imagine I am indispensable. The Lord runs this place, and I had my turn to help. It’s someone else’s turn now to be president, but my prayer and expectation is GBS will continue to be a place where we don’t ask God to bless our plans but to reveal His plans. I know Bob, the staff and faculty desire and need your prayers.

Third, I would ask the great favor that your support and participation in GBS not end. Phyllis and I made the decision years ago to not take a salary from the school but to live on her income as an insurance agent. God has blessed us for this “sacrifice” and more than supplied our needs. With the exception of a designated gift two years ago, God led us to give all personal support, special gifts and speaking honoraria we receive to Global Baptist Schools. Yes, we love the school but more than that we know it is one of the most effective works on earth. We are not sentimental givers. It is a model of great accomplishment with very limited resources, and it is worthy of all our efforts.

Thank you for your friendship and fellowship in the Gospel through the years. Please call or email if I can answer any questions or concerns you may have. God bless you my friend!

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