SBP Course of Study

Seminario Bautista Panamericano

Certificado en Doctrina Bíblica

First Year

Module 1 – 15 Classes

  • Knowing your Bible I
  • The Doctrine of the Scriptures
  • How to Win Souls to Christ
  • Supplemental DVD: Crisis in Catholicism
  • Supplemental Reading: Martirizado en México (Martyred in Mexico) by Valente Hernandez

Module 2 – 15 Classes

Module 3 – 15 Classes

Second Year

Module 4 – 15 Classes

Module 5 – 15 Classes

Module 6 – 13 Classes

Third Year

Module 7 – 15 Classes

Module 8 – 13 Classes

  • The Book of Romans
  • Supplemental Reading: The Epistle to the Romans

Module 9 – 15 Classes

  • Missions
  • Supplemental reading: The Acts of the Apostles

Students meet once a week under the direction of their pastor to study for three to four hours. They have a prayer time, one student preaches, they take quizzes or exams, homework is checked and assigned, students watch two 50-minute lectures recorded on DVD, and they discuss what they are learning and their experiences in serving the Lord. Outside of class they read through the Bible each of the three years, read textbooks, complete projects, have times of prayer and fasting, and serve in their churches. Students to date have served in discipleship ministry, teaching, music, visitation, as church treasurer, in church planting, as pastor and by directing a new group of first-year students in their studies.