New Module Revision Completed

There are many facets to the work of GBS. One of the most important and most intensive jobs is video production. While we use some video materials from other sources, we are busily working to produce our own materials for the nine modules of the basic 3-year Certificate in Bible Doctrine program for Seminario Bautista Panamericano, our Spanish language ministry. We are happy to announce that we have just completed a complete revision of Module 5, The Doctrine of Salvation.

The production of new module includes many steps:

  1. The topic and scope of the module is determined.
  2. A teacher is chosen. To avoid language and other cultural difficulties, SBP teachers are almost always Hispanic. They are always men who have proven themselves both capable and faithful in the work of the ministry and who are qualified to teach the particular topic. They are current practitioners, that is, they are all pastors and church planters. These very busy servants of the Lord volunteer the many hours needed to prepare and record classes.
  3. Supplemental reading materials are chosen.
  4. Study and preparation leads to the production of teaching notes, which will later be used to produce an instructional guide for the students.
  5. The teacher comes to the GBS studio in Charlotte for several days of video taping.
  6. A detailed post-production process adds text,  graphic aids and Bible verses to the video to help the students understand the subject matter.
  7. Written materials including class plans, outlines, memory verse cards, quizzes and tests are prepared.

From concept to finished product, the process of producing a module takes several months. Needless to say, we rejoice to see the completion of the project.  Our mission is: Ministry Preparation Where You Are.  Pray with us that God will use this material to work in the hearts of those who are preparing where they are serving.

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