New Study Center in Veracruz, Mexico

WheGBS/SBP Students in Veracruz, Mexicon Jorge Alonso was living in the United States, he began to attend a weekly Bible Institute class in his church. In fact, he was one of the very first SBP students in the United States. In time, the Lord began to work in Jorge’s heart, eventually leading him back to his native country of Mexico¬†as a church-planting missionary. He and his family settled in a rural area of the state of Veracruz where he has been busy serving the Lord for a number of years.

Recently, Pastor Alonso has begun a new church in the town of Cardel. Among the many good things that are happening there, a new GBS/SBP study center has just been opened. Hector and Josefina, the husband and wife pictured with Pastor Alonso on the right, have just enrolled in Module 1. Their pastor tells us that they are enthusiastic students. Please pray for them, and for this new work in Cardel, Veracruz Mexico.

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