Newest Graduates in Pinllo, Ecuador

Pinllo graduation_800The happy people that you see in the photograph to the right are the latest graduates of Seminario Bautista Panamericano. For the last three years they have met every week at Pinllo Baptist Church under the leadership of their pastor, Galo Montalvo, to study the Word of God. They have memorized dozens of verses, read their Bibles from cover to cover three times, read a variety of text books, studied hard, served in their church and have taken more exams than they care to remember. A few days ago they were rewarded with the opportunity to wear a cap and gown and receive their diplomas.

cap_gown_800We congratulate them for their hard work, and pray that God will greatly use them for His glory as they seek to serve Him. Please pray for these graduates, the church in Pinllo and all of those who are still working hard at their studies through the ministry of Global Baptist Schools.

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