Recording in Ecuador

Pastor Franco Loyola teaches The Doctrine of God in borrowed television studio in Santo Domingo EcuadorIn most schools, you will find the faculty in the classrooms that line the hallways of the educational buildings on the school’s campus. At Global Baptist Schools, our faculty can literally be found around the world, serving the Lord in local churches and ministries.

Sometimes, they come to our offices and studios to record. Other times, we go to them in order to allow them to teach a class at GBS while not interupting their principle ministry.

That’s how we found ourselves in a borrowed television studio in Santo Domingo, Ecuador this week. Pastor Franco Loyola, a graduate of Seminario Bautista Panamericano, the Spanish outreach of GBS, is teaching a new course on The Doctrine of God.

In addition to his pastoral duties, Pastor Loyola has a daily program of Bible teaching on this station, so he is very familiar with his surroundings. This week, however, instead of teaching his neighbors in Santo Domingo, he is teaching Bible students in several countries as they pursue their diploma in Basic Bible Doctrine.

Pray for Pastor Loyola as he teaches these classes. Then pray for those students who will benefit from his teaching for years to come.

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