SBP Graduate Reaching His Country for Christ

Pastor Franco Loyola and his wife Vanessa

Franco Loyola graduated from Seminario Bautista Panamericano, our ministry preparation program taught in the Spanish language, with a Certificado en Doctrina Bíblica in 2006. Vanessa also attended classes with Franco at the SBP Study Center at Southside Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC where they were active members in the Spanish congregation. Not long after Franco graduated, they returned to their native Ecuador, to found Iglesia Bautista de la Fe (Faith Baptist Church) in Santo Domingo. Read his bilingual blog here.

The church has experienced rapid growth with many people saved.  One of those is a gentleman who trusted Christ at the church’s second service.  He is the owner of a local television station. He offered Pastor Loyola an opportunity for a daily television program, free of charge.   In addition to the television program, the church also produces a radio broadcast which is carried on an FM station that reaches most of the nation of Ecuador.

Here is a sample of a recent TV program. Notice the interpreter for the hearing impaired. This is another of the ministries of Iglesia Bautista de la Fe. Just click the arrow to watch.

Another ministry Pastor Loyola began is a Study Center of our school. Thirty-one students gather each week in Santo Domingo to learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ and serving Him.

We praise the God for the way that He is using our graduates to reach their communities – and beyond – for Christ. Pray for Global Baptist Schools, our current students and those who have finished their studies and are now serving the Lord where He has led them.

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