New Steps for SBP in Ecuador

Our recent trip to Ecuador was a success in every way.  The Lord opened many doors for us, helping us to reach each of our objectives for the trip. However, real success can only be measured by lasting impact. In that sense, it may be years before we can fully evaluate the results of our efforts over those two weeks. In the short term, however, we are already seeing new growth in the ministry in Ecuador.

Pablo Moncayo
Pablo Moncayo

Last month, before we went to Ecuador, we had one study center in the country. As of today we have two. Additionally, several new study centers are set to open within the next month or so. Pending confirmation, it looks as though 8 churches will be adding study centers in 5 different cities in Ecuador! Our representative in Ecuador, Pablo Moncayo, is busy following up with these pastors, answering their questions and helping them take their first steps with Seminario Bautista Panamericano.

Fresh DVD’s – ready for delivery

Today Pablo is preparing DVD’s which contain a brief video explaining the ministry of SBP. (You can watch the same video on YouTube) These DVD’s are being sent to Pastors all across the country of Ecuador. They represent churches of like faith and practice and we hope to be able to be a help to as many of them as possible. Please pray for this project. As we often say, we know it isn’t God’s will for every church to have an SBP study center, but it is surely His will that many of them do!

Thank you for making this ministry possible. Because of your prayers and financial support we are reaching the hearts of many that we will probably never meet until we are gathered around His throne. To God be the Glory!

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